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Company Profile

Patient-centricity. These words don't just describe our offerings. They describe our focus for more than 20 years. As an agency with expertise in human health behavior, MicroMass builds patient marketing programs that are fundamentally different. Going beyond messages and education, we use evidence-based techniques from the behavioral sciences to engage patients in a meaningful way—and to drive optimal outcomes.

Core Capabilities

Our specialized programs address the complexities of behavior with strategies like motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral techniques, and problem solving. This seamless integration of science, art, marketing, and technology allows us to meet brand objectives, drive lasting behavior change, and engage people with products and solutions. 

Recent patient engagement/support and -relationship marketing initiatives include: 

Developing problem-solving skills with a type 2 diabetes mobile app. Time 2 Focus is a novel patient engagement mobile app that guides -patients through skill-building activities related to real-world scenarios, including monitoring glucose, staying active, and healthy eating

Building patient engagement capabilities. MicroMass developed Behavior Change University to help healthcare stakeholders build skills to apply behavior change techniques—-motivational interviewing, problem solving, and goal setting—to accelerate patient outcomes in chronic disease

Promoting patient-provider dialogue. Brand team initiatives—HIV, ulcerative colitis, and rare diseases—led to provider training and point-of-care tools that leverage evidence-based communication techniques to facilitate optimal treatment initiation and adherence 

Skill building for oncology patients. To improve therapy experience and promote adherence to GSK's oral oncolytics franchise, we developed Ready At Every Step™, a digital program to help patients build coping and problem-solving skills 

Elevating the role of patient support for a new obesity product. This coach-led behavior change program uses positive reinforcement, goal setting, and one-on-one training available on mobile and desktop platforms

Question: What does patient-centricity mean to you and is the industry doing enough to fulfill the needs of patients?

We view success in the context of real-world results rather than clinical benchmarks. This means putting the patient at the center of drug development and commercialization. To maintain commercial success, pharma must help patients build the skills they need to manage their diseases more effectively. In doing so, pharma will evolve from having a marketing playbook built around a brand to one that actively engages patients in their care. 

Address: 100 Regency Forest Drive, Suite 400, Cary, NC 27518  Phone: 919-851-3182  Websites: www.micromass.com; www.wearespecialists.com  New Business Contact: Jude Kelly, Director of Business Development, jude.kelly@micromass.com or 919-256-2401  Year Founded: 1994  Employees: 72  Sample Clients: Amgen, Gilead, GSK, Janssen, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi, United Therapeutics, ViiV

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