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Company Profile
OptumHealth Education is a full-service, ACCME-accredited provider of continuing medical education dedicated to strengthening the ability of healthcare professionals to make accurate and credible decisions to improve patient care. We achieve this through the development of fair, balanced, and scientifically valid CME/CE initiatives based on demonstrated learning methodologies.

With access to a network of more than 575,000 US healthcare providers (HCPs) and de-identified medical, pharmacy and laboratory claims data on approximately 30 million lives, OptumHealth Education is uniquely positioned to design educational initiatives based on demographic variances in care with a focus on the location of patients and the HCPs who care for them. Because OptumHealth Education has a keen interest in understanding HCP behavior, we design our activities to significantly impact provider practices and improve patient care.

Services and Offerings
By integrating de-identified claims data into the educational design process we are able to:
  • Conduct comprehensive evidence-based needs assessments that identify gaps between current and best practices
  • Design and implement activities that are fair, balanced, and tailored to the learner group
  • Engage with a large, multidisciplinary, and geographically diverse group of learners to optimize educational results
  • Assess participant behaviors before and after activities to measure CME/CE effectiveness toward the goals of enhancing competence, performance, and patient outcomes

Our educational activities include:
  1. Live Meetings: National • Regional • Local
  2. Live Educational Simulcasts: Satellite • Internet • Telephone
  3. Enduring and Web-Based Activities: Print • E-learning • On-demand

Case Study
Unique Approach to PI CME
Performance Improvement (PI) CME has come to the forefront as a means of overcoming the limitations of traditional CME in influencing professional practice behavior. OptumHealth Education is in a unique position to design, implement and evaluate PI CME initiatives due to our access to de-identified health insurance claims data that can be directly used to determine where practice gaps exist, design the CME intervention, and then to determine the efficacy of the CME intervention on professional performance measures and patient outcomes.

Our team has extensive experience in the design of such PI CME initiatives and we have the data to back this up. A PI CME initiative that we conducted in myelodysplastic syndromes was designed to improve time to diagnosis. Physicians who participated in our CME initiative demonstrated a significant improvement in median time to diagnosis compared with a control group of demographically similar physicians who did not participate (manuscript in preparation). In addition to our own PI CME initiatives, we can also partner with other providers to design, implement, and evaluate PI CME initiatives.
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