The Top 75: Juice Pharma Worldwide

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Juice Pharma Worldwide's roster is chock full of prelaunch and launch novel therapies. With lots of clients in investment mode, the agency has continued on a fantastic growth trajectory. Revenue was up 25% last year after being up 12% in 2009. Headcount increased 25 to 125 ending 2010, and it's up to 150 this year.
“We did a lot of work on protecting our culture last year,” says president and CEO Lois Moran. “We spent time communicating our vision and our eight core values and promoting that within so we could maintain the culture as we continue to grow.”  
Moran and Lynn Macrone, partner and chief creative officer, also put together a leadership team of seven EVP, managing directors to ensure the agency is well equipped for continuing growth. The team includes five veteran Juice employees and three new hires—Colleen Katzman and Laurence Richards, who joined as EVP, managing directors and Robert Palmer, who joined as EVP, managing director, digital. “It's a nice mix of veterans and accomplished proven leaders,” Macrone notes. “It's working out beautifully.”  
Juice made history this year when it led a group of independent agencies to unite and compete successfully against six major holding companies to win preferred status from Merck. The group of agencies is known as Independent Network. “It's a big hallmark event for us and for Independent Network,” Macrone says.
“It's unprecedented that the Independent Network was given the opportunity to bring this unique offering to the table,” Moran adds. “We've shown that independent agencies can unite and offer the same attention to capabilities across disciplines and bring spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial thinking to this topic of agency consolidation.”
Wins last year included the global launch for Pfizer's tofacitinib (in clinical trials for rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis). Juice also won the global launch of HCP and interactive materials for a new treatment for precancerous skin lesions in patients with actinic keratosis from Leo Pharma, and the scope of work expanded into DTC this year. Merck assigned two products—the global launch of Saflutan, for treatment of intraocular pressure in patients with glaucoma, and Saphris, an atypical antipsychotic for the treatment of schizophrenia or bipolar I disorder.
“Increasingly clients want us to bring them leveraged learnings—things that are new to them that we've seen work in other categories or with other companies,” Moran says. “There's an openness to trying new things.”
The partners note a trend toward more companies co-promoting products. “Co-promotes mean two sets of decision makers for pitches and beyond,” Macrone says. “There are two sets of processes and two sets of priorities. We certainly have an acceptance of this new marketplace dynamic, but it brings with it both challenges and opportunities.”
Macrone and Moran agree that it's challenging to find good talent. They're looking to fill about 10 positions immediately (account and copy, mostly).
Focus for the rest of the year includes preparing several launches and continuing to support and develop the Independent Network. “As always, we're looking out for new opportunities that make sense and continuing to tend to our culture,” Macrone adds.
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