Viewpoint: Make Brand Value a Personalized Dialogue

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Anne Stroup, VP, strategy, Alliance Life Sciences
Anne Stroup, VP, strategy, Alliance Life Sciences

With a nimbler business model than larger counterparts, small to midsize pharmaceutical companies have the potential to both evolve multichannel marketing strategies and personalize healthcare provider interactions. MCM can transform value proposition elements into personalized dialogue by capturing an HCP's attention and providing meaningful interfaces to deepen the customer/brand relationship. 

Data is essential to understand all aspects that influence a physician's script-writing decisions. Through the smart leveraging of data, brands can locate HCPs who can help grow the business by unlocking:

• How the brand's value proposition meets the HCP's needs 

• Attributes of the specific value proposition that influence their decision-making process

• The requisite investment needed to foster the HCP relationship 

• The benefits the brand will ac-­crue over the relationship course

Traditional data sources do not suffice. Additional data is needed but can prove cost-prohibitive.

An alternative method for gathering such insight? Physician-level qualitative research. Well-designed studies can deliver actionable information that optimizes customer engagement. With this insight, brands can build personalized HCP interactions that move physicians from awareness to advocacy. 

Effective MCM is built by combining face-to-face meetings, digital tools and personalized e-mails to deliver personalized experiences. This systematic approach aligns physicians to a model based on value and accessibility, reflecting an understanding of inside or field-call plan results and triggering follow-up outreach through other channels. 

Many mid-tier firms either evolve their infrastructures to support what's needed or outsource to address specific needs. Smaller companies that are still building this expanded infrastructure can leverage alternatives, such as a data mart or promotional hub, to implement MCM efforts that feed digital and sales force automation. 

It's time for smaller firms to lift a page from Big Pharma's playbook and think of data analytics as a guide to dialogue personalization. This approach will provide the specific point where the customer resides in the brand relationship and lead converts to the best integration of all promotional channels.

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