What was your biggest break?
Starting at Intouch Solutions fresh out of college. I’m glad Faruk Capan was able to see something in me back then.

What’s the best and/or worst part of your job?
I get to work with amazing people every day who trust what we recommend.

What’s the view like from your office/work area?
My office is on the ground floor, so I have a view of the woods.

How long is a typical meeting with clients?
A quick check-in or review can be less than an hour. If it’s a strategy and planning session, it can be half a day.

Does your office have a favorite lunch and/or after-hours place?
My favorite place to hang out is the Bier Station. I’m something of a beer nerd.

Where did you go to college? Did it help you prepare for your career?
The University of Kansas (go Jayhawks!). Yes, beyond the educational benefit, it gave me a sense of independence and excitement for the future.

If you were to write a book, what would the title be?
“Paint with Data: Where Data, Science and Creativity Meet.”