If there’s a topic, interest or community that isn’t currently served by a podcast, we have no idea what it might be. And that holds true for the healthcare industry, which saw biopharma companies launch their own podcasts during the pandemic, pharmacists carve out a space of their own and researchers and scientists focus on, among other things, brand-building.

In addition to the MM+M Podcast – shameless plug! – there are plenty of podcasts that appeal to the unique needs of healthcare marketers and communicators. Here are 10 of our favorites.

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Life Science Marketing Radio

The Life Science Marketing Radio brings marketing experts together with life sciences leaders. Hosted by Chris Conner, the podcast explores topics from creating personal brands for scientists to AI in healthcare to expanding the boundaries of creative storytelling.

The podcast, which releases about two to three episodes a month, can be heard on Spotify.

Science Communication Accelerator

The Science Communication Accelerator podcast, hosted by Norway-based researcher Julius Wesche, takes aim at a topic that has been highly contentious during the pandemic: How to effectively communicate science via social media. The goal of the podcast is to educate experts in public health and science to improve their engagement with the public via social media, especially at a time when health misinformation online is rampant. One recent episode focused on Instagram – and, specifically, how universities, scientists and researchers might go about building an organizational account. 

The Science Communication Accelerator can be heard on Spotify.

The Science of Social Media

Produced by social media management platform Buffer, The Science of Social Media podcast hosts conversations about social media best practices and taps marketing pros to share insights on how to best communicate across different platforms. Topics have included building a following on Twitter, the most effective ways to demonstrate allyship and fight racism on social media, and measuring social media success with data.

The Science of Social Media podcast can be heard on Spotify.

The Harvard Business Review IdeaCast

The HBR IdeaCast, hosted by HBR senior editor Alison Beard, isn’t solely focused on health. But its detailed takes on business and management are uncommonly useful for healthcare marketers. The podcast has been producing episodes since 2006, so it boasts a long track record of sharing insight on, for instance, the purpose/profit balance, and even debating the positives and pitfalls of storytelling.

HBR IdeaCast can be heard on Spotify.

Digital Health Today 360

Digital Health Today hosts a variety of podcasts on digital health and its flagship offering, Digital Health Today 360,focuses primarily on innovation. One episode found host Dan Kendall chatting with Sophie Park, chief strategist for Bayer G4A Partnerships, about collaborations between pharma and innovation-minded tech companies.
The Digital Health Today 360 podcast can be heard on Spotify.

Healthcare Rap

The Healthcare Rap podcast attempts to challenge the status quo of healthcare marketing. Hosted by self-proclaimed digital health influencers and entrepreneurs Jared Johnson and Zain Ismail, Healthcare Rap defines its mission as spearheading “provocative thinking” within the realms of healthcare and digital health.

Healthcare Rap can be heard on Spotify.

Everyone Hates Marketers Podcast

Featuring the most provocative moniker of any of the podcasts on this list, Everyone Hates Marketers takes an honest look at marketing practices and distinguishes them from what the creators categorize as “the bullshit.” Hosted by Louis Grenier, the podcast attempts to show what makes the most creative and most effective advertising stand out. Standout episodes include “WTF is Generation Z and how to market to them” and “How to build an influencer program that actually works.”

The Everyone Hates Marketers podcast can be heard on Spotify.

Core Exchange: A healthcare marketing podcast

Core Exchange: A healthcare marketing podcast features in-depth conversations with industry leaders. Among other topics, the episodes explore the intersection of brand, culture and patient experience; planning and executing a full-on healthcare website redesign; and building emotional connections with patients.

Core Exchange: A healthcare marketing podcast can be heard on Apple Podcasts.

touch point

For hospitals and health systems seeking to improve digital marketing and online patient engagement, touch point is the podcast of choice. Recent episodes have explored how healthcare organizations are moving away from surveys when measuring patient experience and how health systems’ use of SEO has evolved over the last year.

touch point can be heard on Spotify.

The #HCBiz Show

The #HCBiz Show podcast is dedicated to improving healthcare innovation by illuminating the “complex dynamics of the healthcare business.” The episodes assess the issues that create obstacles for change, then bring in experts – neuroscientists, AI scientists, CEOs of startups and more – to provide further insight.

The #HCBiz Show can be heard on Spotify.