Having doubled its waiting room wallboards franchise by buying Havas’s point of care unit, AccentHealth is moving to boost the digital side of its business with its acquisition of MediVista Media’s Everwell TV network.

It’s a smaller buy, putting AccentHealth video and interactive content in an additional 1,000 waiting rooms and boosting the company’s TV network to 13,500 offices. AccentHealth has Health Panels and TV screens in 30,000 offices nationwide. The company is also looking to broaden its media mix throughout its network to include TV, print, literature distribution and some new interactive products.

“We have offices where we have both formats,” said EVP business and product development John Curbishley. “We think they’re complimentary. What we’re trying to do is allow the client to be able to brand the office with a range of touchpoints in print and digital.”

Clients, said Curbishley, are “really focused on the kind of scale we can provide. They’re looking for overall reach, whether print or digital, but also targeted reach into particular conditions, geographies and demographics, and this is a nice deal for us because it extends our reach in all those areas.”

MediVista’s Everwell unit will continue to produce health programming, but without its own waiting room network.