Insurance company Aflac launched an initiative called “Close the Gap” on Wednesday to raise awareness about disparities in the U.S. healthcare system.

As part of the initiative, Aflac published the Aflac Care Index, a survey highlighting the financial difficulties Americans face with healthcare. 

For almost two-thirds (65%) of Americans, their total savings are equivalent to or less than their health insurance out-of-pocket maximums. Almost a quarter (24%) of insured Americans have $0 in savings with just under half (48%) having $1,000 or less in savings. And 67% of insured Americans don’t have supplemental health insurance coverage.

“Those stats for us were alarming,” Shannon Watkins, Aflac’s SVP, chief brand and marketing officer, told Campaign US. “There may be a situation where if something happens to you, you can’t cover it all. That’s why you have to go the extra step beyond just having basic health insurance to sign up for a supplemental product like Aflac to help when the need comes.”

“A lot of people believe that health insurance is enough and was designed to cover everything,” she added. “Being able to provide that education and support along the way is critical.”

In order to raise awareness for the issue, Aflac will release its first film called “The Park Bench.” The film follows Bella, a little girl whose father is diagnosed with sickle cell disease. One day, she meets a duck (Aflac’s mascot) with a broken wing on a park bench. Bella brings the duck home and its presence slowly helps the father heal. 

The animated short was created by a powerhouse team of Black creators. Carl Reed of Lion Forge Animation, the only black-owned animation studio in the U.S., produced the film. Rob Edwards, writer of Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog,” was the director. And rapper Nas penned the musical score.

Magnetic Dreams Animation Studio, the XP Agency and The Monk Studios also worked on the project.

The film will premiere on Twitch on January 22 at 7:30 p.m. ET and will be available to stream on Roku. 

“The Park Bench” was also an official selection for the Sundance Film Festival event, Brand Storytelling 2022.

The third leg of the “Close the Gap” initiative is CareGrants, Aflac’s pledge to donate $1 million to families, organizations and individuals who need help with medical expenses in 2022. Aflac also intends to award $500,000 in local grants to communities that the Aflac Care Index has identified as greatly impacted by medical debt. 

“If we can help one person not have to make the decision between paying a medical bill and putting food on their table or paying for their housing, that, for us, is winning,” said Watkins.

This article first appeared on Campaign US.