Jessica Boden is COO at 2e Creative.

So how did you get here?

Like so many of us, I fell into this crazy agency world. Feeling jaded after two years in my chosen career in sports marketing, I decided to move to the town my father lived, Newport Beach, California, to sail every Thursday with him and simply find a job.

That job, quality assurance specialist and proofreader at a healthcare agency, was the beginning of my 20-plus years in this business.

Describe your job in layman’s terms.

My role as COO of a thriving, growing company can be summarized as “see a need, fill a need.” No two days are alike, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Traditional office structure or open office?

Open all the way. I love the energy and buzz of working alongside my colleagues.

Most unique desk or office decoration?

A colored drawing of a tropical fish with a photo of my son’s face pasted where the fish’s head should be.

Commute difficulty on a scale of 1-10? Why?

One. I commute via airplane, Uber or stairs that lead to my home office.


Ten years ago, I would’ve said riding my Harley. Now it would have to be dirt-biking — poorly — with my 11-year-old son and husband. I don’t run into very many 40-plus ladies out on the track or the trail.

Favorite social platform?

Facebook, you know, because I’m in my 40s, and that’s where we hang out!

What kind of social media user are you? A liker, retweeter, poster or lurker?

All of the above.

Favorite office snack?

Nuts if I’m being healthy and red vines if I’m not.

Favorite place to work outside the office?

My backyard.

Favorite podcast?

Go Be Kind.

Most unique work trip?

Brussels for a pitch. Our luggage got lost, and our team of three ladies were in mid-barter with the flight attendants from Singapore Air at our hotel to borrow their matching uniforms for the pitch. (We were dressed in very comfortable, airplane attire not suitable for our meeting). Luckily, the luggage came through at midnight, and we went on to win the business!

Favorite productivity app?


What kind of sparkling water does your office have?

La Croix

Favorite TV guilty pleasure?

I don’t believe in guilt, unless I’m dishing it out to my son. I’m part Sicilian after all.