IPG CEO Michael Roth
IPG CEO Michael Roth

Healthcare made up 27% of IPG’s revenue from its top 100 clients. Check back here for other holding company earnings, including WPP on Feb. 27.

Interpublic Group

IPG earned $2.43 billion in net revenue in Q4, seeing 2.9% organic growth. In 2019 overall, the holding company reported organic growth of 3.3%.

Healthcare made up 27% of IPG’s revenue from its top 100 clients in 2019. That grew slightly from 2018 when healthcare made up 25%. The healthcare sector also makes up the largest portion of top 100 client revenue, followed by tech and telecom at 17% and auto and transportation at 13%.

Going into 2020, IPG has forecasted 3% organic growth, similar to its growth last year.


Omnicom Group reported 1.3% global revenue growth in Q4, bringing the holding company’s quarterly revenue to $4.1 billion. The company’s healthcare unit also saw 12.9% organic growth last quarter, earning $317 million. 

Omnicom breaks out its revenue into five disciplines: advertising, CRM consumer experience, CRM execution and support, public relations and healthcare. Of the five, healthcare makes up the smallest portion of overall revenue at 7.7%, earning $1.1 billion in 2019. Advertising makes up the largest portion, accounting for 56.5% of 2019 overall revenue. 

Advertising saw organic growth of 5.1% in Q4, earning $2.4 billion. CRM consumer experience increased 3.3%, CRM execution and support decreased 6.0% and public relations decreased 2.5%.

In 2019 overall, Omnicom revenue declined 2.2% to $14.9 billion, which the company attributed to foreign exchange rates and its disposition activity being in excess of acquisitions. It’s healthcare unit saw a 9.5% increase in 2019 overall, compared to 2018.

Publicis Groupe

Publicis Groupe reported a 4.5% drop in organic growth last quarter. In 2019 overall, the holding company saw a decline of 2.3% in organic growth, while net revenue rose 9% to $10.7 billion.

The company doesn’t break out specific healthcare numbers, but did report that 10% of its 2019 net revenue came from the healthcare sector. Publicis also said Pfizer, an existing client expanded its work with the company, adding media for Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, while Novartis consolidated its agency work.

Publicis also noted the sale of Publicis Health Solutions, which houses Touchpoint, PDI, Tardis Medical, PHrequency and CustomPoint Recruiting, to Altamont Capital Partners. That deal was completed Jan. 31.

Arthur Sadoun, Publicis chairman and CEO, said 2019 was “a challenging year” for the company. He also noted it was a transition year, with the acquisition of data company Epsilon for $3.9 billion and the repositioning of Publicis Sapient as a business transformation company.

Publicis owns several health agencies, including Digitas Health, Heartbeat, Razorfish Health and Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness.