(Above: Paul Hermelin, chairman and CEO of Capgemini)


PARIS: Consulting firm Capgemini has acquired customer engagement shop LiquidHub to expand its digital footprint in North America.

LiquidHub has about $240 million in revenue, Capgemini said in a statement. Specific financial details of the transaction were not disclosed, but Capgemini said the acquisition price was “around two times revenues” of LiquidHub.

LiquidHub formed a health- and life-sciences-focused offering last June, LiquidHealth, with the acquisition of digital health marketing firm Eveo. The firm provides services such as data, analytics, creative, content, research, and media to more than 50 biopharma clients.

Representatives from Capgemini declined further comment on the acquisition.

Capgemini acquired digital strategy and design consultancy Idean in early 2017 and digital design consultancy Fahrenheit 212 the year before. Capgemini is based in Paris and operates in 44 countries. For the healthcare industry, it provides data, regulatory, supply chain, and tech consulting services.

LiquidHub was founded in 2000 and has about 3,000 employees. The company is headquartered in Philadelphia and has 18 offices around the world.