Cline, Davis & Mann acquired agencies in Paris, Milan and Montreal, fleshing out a planned global expansion that has placed CDM World Agency shops in London, Munich, Barcelona, Madrid and Sao Paolo over the past two years.

“Our initial objective was to establish world-class agencies across the top five European markets and in Brazil,” said Eric Berkeley, director of global operations for CDM Group. “These aren’t affiliates. They’re owned and operated agencies.”

Next stop for the network: China and Switzerland. Other markets will be accessible through technology, said Ed Wise, chairman and CEO.

“The goal is really to put systems in place where we have the technology to deliver in markets around the world, and we’re going to do a lot of smaller markets through technology,” said Wise. He adds: “This is not about putting flags on the map for us. This is more about building a unified agency around the world – rather than a network, one world agency that you can access from different markets.”

In addition to the newer international offices, Omicom-owned and New York-based CDM operates offices in Princeton, NJ and Los Angeles.

Wise says the company’s new sibling agencies have been surprised by the cohesiveness.

“There’s been a great deal of enthusiasm from the owners of the agencies we’ve acquired,” said Wise. “They’ve all been in broken relationships with other networks.”

Opting for owning international offices owned outright instead of affiliates means the agency can “solve problems quickly and easily because we do have operational control,” said Berkeley.