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Company Profile

Cello Health provides an integrated response to a rapidly evolving, challenging and exciting healthcare landscape. Our clients want partners who can help them make critical business decisions. They want “best in class” capabilities across insight identification, scientific understanding, strategic direction and communications, delivered seamlessly by a single provider with both bandwidth and a value-added blend of these skills.

Our Core Competencies

Cello Health Communications is focused on evidence to engagement solutions. We help clients build a foundational evidence base and translate that into outcome-focused behavior change. Our deep understanding of the science enables us to link data and other insights in a strategic framework to support clinical and commercial success. 

Cello Health Consulting‘s senior healthcare marketers combine experience and “best in class” process to provide confidence to the most ambiguous and complex strategic business challenges. For over 20 years, our consultants have delivered insightful thinking and a fresh perspective from early product development and commercialization to in-market brand strategy and implementation.

Cello Health Insight delivers customer insight that guides business decision making and informs multichannel marketing strategies. We conduct market research to support a broad range of business challenges across market understanding, positioning, segmentation and brand communications.

What we can do for you:

• Translate your clinical evidence into communications that challenge audiences to “do something different”

• Create communications that underpin differentiated positioning, deliver brand optimization and challenge your audiences to engage in a more effective manner

• Understand and then react to future data or challenging competitive activities

• Identify the right segments, the right communication and the right engagement to ensure rapid return for your brand

Cello Health has supported 23 of the world’s top 25 pharmaceutical companies. How can we help you unlock the potential of your molecules, brands or organizations?

What will be the game-changing trend over the next five years?

Pharma’s current marketing model needs to change to one of customer centricity. It’s not enough to group customers as payers; physicians; patients; high, medium, and low prescribers; early adopters; or laggards. Intellectually, marketers recognize that all customers are not the same—they have different motivations, beliefs, and needs—but marketers don’t act on this, and instead create a “one size fits all” solution. The future requires a deeper understanding of customer segmentation, beyond behavior, to better align with complex and diverse needs. A critical game-changer will be highly directed, customized marketing solutions that truly resonate with each customer segment to communicate the brand story in their terms.

New York, NY: (646-837-8151) 
Contacts Paul Eccles [email protected] (Cello Health Insight), Mike Suesserman [email protected] (Cello Health Consulting).
Yardley, PA: (215-504-5082) 
Contacts Russell Powter [email protected] (Cello Health Consulting), Suzann Schiller [email protected] (Cello Health Communications).
Parent Company Cello Group plc
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