Rightpoint has formalized its healthcare practice as it positions itself for more work with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device makers.

Gregory Raiz, chief innovation officer, and strategy VP Brandon Rozelle are leading the group until the firm hires a dedicated healthcare practice leader, Raiz said. The agency is structuring staff under the Rightpoint Health brand, including newly formalized teams focused on regulatory affairs and quality and safety.

“We’ve been working in healthcare for more than a decade, and we started to realize a growing portion of our business was being driven through both healthcare and medicine,” Raiz said. “We want to tell a better story to clients that we’re not dabbling in healthcare and medicine; we have a strong point of view about where medicine and healthcare is going.”

Healthcare makes up between 20% and 30% of the agency’s business, Raiz said, with the firm having mostly worked with hospitals and health systems on digital projects like portals, websites, and apps. By formalizing the Rightpoint Health brand, the firm is positioning itself to clients as having the experience and capabilities to work with all healthcare clients, he added.

“We can go a lot deeper in the spectrum of medicine and patient care to tell more integrated stories from hospital to doctor to EMR [electronic medical record] systems to the patient and the pharma and medical device companies, as well,” Raiz said. “For more than a decade, we wanted to further our vision in healthcare to improve lives through tech and design, but we could only go so far in the ways we had been doing things in the past.”

Headquartered in Chicago, Rightpoint has offices in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, and Oakland, as well as one location internationally in Jaipur, India. The agency has 450 employees.

“Our general view is that the lines for healthcare are beginning to blur,” Raiz said. “We believe the future hospital has no walls. As the walls come down, the use of tech becomes more important. Every organization either is a tech company or will need to become one. We’re launching Rightpoint Health to prepare for that.”