Professional physician network Doximity hit two milestones this spring: membership hit 160,000 US physicians (up 40,000 since its October 2012 headcount) and the network released an iPad app that will help doctors better leverage the network than they could through the mobile format.

The app’s features include an enhanced version of the e-fax that lets HCPs sign faxes using their fingers and then email the signed documents to two addresses. CEO and founder Jeff Tangney told MM&M the “cc:” feature was one doctors had asked for, because the ability to email patient prescription information to a pharmacy and the office is an easy way to keep electronic health records current.

Tangney said the app also creates a better consulting experience. He said about one-third of the network uses it to share phone numbers, and the app’s Skype capability means they can securely chat wherever there is a wireless connection.

Tangney said the app also enhances the Journal Club feature which allows physicians to share and comment on articles by providing a magazine-like experience because screen size means physicians can now share full images. He said that there are “a few dozen” communities, such as that at Massachusetts General Hospital, which have added the equivalent of a Facebook “like” button so doctors can share their findings with the community at large. He also said a partnership is in the works that will build on the Journal Club’s features.