It’s time for MM&M‘s biggest issue of the year, and the most comprehensive guide to the pharma marketing agency world: the Agency 100. This year’s report is focused on the new agency world, with an in-depth look at how firms are resetting their priorities to stay ahead of the game.

By the numbers: Is your firm keeping up with the Joneses, or make that the Klick Healths and McCann Healths of the world? Check out MM&M‘s comprehensive list of the biggest healthcare marketing firms by revenue, growth, and staff size.

It wouldn’t be an agency issue without in-depth profiles of the biggest players in healthcare and pharma marketing. Go here to check out profiles of firms from A (Albelson Taylor) to W (W2O).

Plus: There’s no shortage of in-depth analysis on the state of the industry, including coverage of how agencies are fighting to stay ahead of nontraditional players such as consultancies, as well as the agencies you should watch in 2018 and 2019.

Hear it from the agency leaders themselves: We had three questions for the leaders of firms including WPP Health & Wellness, Havas Health & You, Publicis Health, and Omnicom Health Group, as well as new “creative contenders.”