Healthcare consultancy FreshBlood, founded in 2015 by Bob Finkel, is expanding its offerings to include creative services.

Launched as a healthcare consultancy for pre-launch and commercial strategy, FreshBlood is adding creative services due to client and market demand. Its shift began with the hire of Patricia Malone, previously of Stratagem Healthcare Communications, Dudnyk, and DDB Health, as chief creative officer last year. The firm has also been looking to its creative consultants to build a dedicated, full-time creative team.

“A lot of it was driven by client demand,” Finkel said. “It became a natural evolution where a number of clients we were doing strategic and creative work for asked us to provide additional sustainable services for them. I was calling on my roots in that sense and made the determination to stay focused on what we do best and expand the service to add the additional creative firepower.”

Alongside the shift to offer creative services, the firm is also changing its name from FreshBlood Health Market Consultants to FreshBlood Group, which will house two divisions: consulting and creative.

The consulting division is handling brand development, commercial positioning, and pre-launch market preparation, while creative is executing launch initiatives, creative campaigns, and communications efforts.

The firm typically works with smaller pharma companies that are in the clinical or precommercial stages and are working to bring their first products to the market, Finkel said.

While early stages require more strategy, clients typically begin looking for creative once products are ready for the market.

FreshBlood’s clients include Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Rigel Pharmaceuticals, and Revance Therapeutics.

“It’s a very big step generally bringing their first product to market,” Finkel said. “They generally need the high-level expertise, but often can’t afford the mainstream agencies. I started FreshBlood with the intention that I felt it was important to service those clients. My personal motivation is to work with the next wave of pioneers. Many of these companies are young, and they represent the future of health and wellness.”

FreshBlood was founded in 2015 by Finkel. He previously cofounded another independent firm, Kane & Finkel, that closed in 2014. Earlier in his career, Finkel worked in creative roles at DDB, FCB Health, and Ketchum.