Havas Health & You has established a firm known as Havas ECS that will focus on the rapidly growing cannabinoid market. 

The agency wants to address the scientific and medical knowledge gap about cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system. Havas ECS, which is named after “endocannabinoid science,” is a communications consultancy and education company led by managing director Rob Dhoble. The shop’s staffers will work from Havas’ New York and New Jersey offices.

The firm will collaborate with clients to close the knowledge gap among both doctors and consumers and to work with clients in the pharma, wellness, health and consumer areas on cannabinoid products and education. The agency will focus on cannabinoid education via science-based programs and will work with a network of medical advisers with experience in cannabinoid medicine. It is also planning to hold an educational conference this fall.

Dhoble previously ran his own firm, Adherent Health, for seven years. He was also president of healthcare and diversified agency services at Omnicom Group for a decade and president of Acuity HealthGroup at Rapp.

CBD has exploded onto the consumer market as an ingredient in lotions, oils, foods and drinks. The Food and Drug Administration is weighing how to regulate cannabinoids in foods and beverages, and some cities and states have banned the substance until it can be reviewed by the FDA. 

CBD for self-care health and wellness took off in 2018 after a law lifted the ban on the cultivation of hemp in the U.S. and removed it from the controlled substances list.