While three years have passed since MediMedia Managed Markets was acquired by global conglomerate Icon, only recently did the agency change its name to better reflect its identity and the markets it serves: Icon U.S. Market Access & Reimbursement. The firm becomes part of a new corporate unit, Icon Access, Commercialisation & Communications (ACC).

“What’s unique about this — and so great for our clients — is there are four legacy companies that came together to form ACC,” reports agency president Lee Termini. “We can now work on products not based on what each individual company does, but on the life cycle of the product we’re working on.” Those legacy companies are MediMedia Managed Markets, Complete Healthcare Communications, Oxford Outcomes, and PriceSpective.

Under this new structure, Icon U.S. Market Access & Reimbursement comes in and builds a value proposition for payers and handles early market research. Another group handles pricing, contracting, consulting, and research, while yet another creates budget impact models and builds out the health economics story. “We can do all this as one company instead of as individual companies, which is better for the client,” Termini explains.

ICON US Market Access Reimbursement agency

All told, ACC now has 405 people under its roofs in North America, up from 160 last year at MediMedia Managed Markets alone. Key personnel additions included VP, access, commercialisation, and communications, Charles Stevens, and SVP, integrated access and outcomes solutions, Nathan White.

Independent of its corporate brethren, Icon has upped the amount of strategic analytics work it does on clients’ behalf. The digital realm has become a bigger focus as well, with the agency working on building online hubs for patients and reimbursements.

“We’re doing a lot more around patient communications and payer communications. We talk about the patient as payer because, for a lot of people, the cost of prescriptions and injections is going way up and they are saddled with more of the costs,” Termini explains.The agency grew its number of clients from 12 to 29, with 25% of the overall growth coming from new clients. The firm’s revenue was up 8.6% to an MM&M-estimated $38 million.

Client mainstays include Janssen, Sage Therapeutics, Indivior, Genentech, and Amgen. A key recent addition was Neurocrine Biosciences, for its tardive dyskinesia treatment Ingrezza. Termini points to the Sage work as particularly exciting, given the imminent launch of brexanolone — the company’s first product — later this year or early next.