Between the raft of M&A activity and the growth chronicled in MM+M’s venerable Agency 100, medical marketing firms made more than their share of splashes during 2022. Here is a selection of the biggest and most-read stories published by MM+M over the last 12 months.

Longtime Wunderman Health leader Becky Chidester retired and was succeeded by Patrick Wisnom.

Evoke and Ashfield Health unified their medical marketing and communications arms. Evoke also integrated Evoke Giant into its broader brand and purchased Meltmedia.

Per MM+M’s Agency 100 revenue table, the companies that generated the most North American revenue in 2021 were Klick Health (an estimated $480 million), Real Chemistry ($439 million), Deloitte Digital ($374 million), FCB Health New York (an estimated $370 million) and Eversana Intouch ($325.5 million).

Overall, the world of medical marketing agencies saw double-digit growth during a year characterized by widespread uncertainty.

The MM+M Agency Family Tree kept sprouting new limbs.

Also in the Agency 100 presentation, company leaders discussed the challenges that came with bringing back their people to the office.

Klick Health unveiled its Studio K production facility at the agency’s headquarters in Toronto.

Indegene bought CultHealth, bringing its 140-member team into the fold and adding the agency-of-record shop to its omnichannel activation offering.

At the MM+M Awards in October, winners included Lippe Taylor (PR agency), Symbiotix (medical communications agency), Mosaic Group (market access maven), 81qd (data prodigy), DDB Health (rare talent), Brick City Greenhouse (independent agency without private equity backing), Imre (independent agency with private equity backing), Elevate Healthcare (small healthcare agency), Evoke Create (midsize healthcare agency), Area 23 (large healthcare agency) and IPG Health (large healthcare network).

Real Chemistry’s 21Grams launched 21Gaming, a healthcare-oriented gaming service.

IPG Health shifted oversight of its McCann Health New York unit to longtime Area 23 heads Renee Mellas and Tim Hawkey.

Longtime agency leader and 2023 Medical Advertising Hall of Fame inductee Sander Flaum died after a brief illness.

Klick Health’s annual holiday video did not disappoint. This year, the agency engineered a holiday transformation of a veterans care facility in Toronto, to joyful effect

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Happy holidays, all. We’ll catch you after the calendar turns.