Omnicom Group’s healthcare agencies reported $291 million in revenue in Q2 with organic growth of 8.4%, the highest percentage of the holding company’s five disciplines. 

Omnicom’s advertising and CRM consumer experience units also grew last quarter, by 4.4% and 1.9%, respectively, to $2.1 billion and $659.5 million, while its PR and CRM execution segments fell by 1.3% and 2.6%, respectively, to $349.3 million and $326.1 million. 

“Healthcare continues to be one of our best-performing practice areas with growth of 8.4%,” said Omnicom CEO John Wren on an earnings call. “Omnicom Health Group has the top agencies in the world serving the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, and the group is very well positioned for continued growth.” 

Healthcare is the smallest of Omnicom’s five disciplines, making up 7.8% of the New York-based holding company’s Q2 revenue. 

Omnicom as a whole reported an organic revenue increase of 2.8% in Q2 to $3.7 billion, though revenue dropped on an as-reported basis by 3.6%. Net income was up 1.6% to $370.7 million. 

For the year to date, revenue from pharma and health clients has made up 14% of Omnicom’s total, up slightly from 2018. 

Omnicom houses 16 health agencies as part of Omnicom Health Group, including TBWA\WorldHealth, DDB Health, and CDM. 

This story was updated on July 17 with comments from the earnings call.