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Publicis Groupe has changed its training program for staff in leadership positions to encourage collaboration among all parts of the company.

Talent from across the group will join together in person to work on a single live brief focused on transforming the business of a specific client.

A spokesperson explained that previous programs were limited to different parts of the business, but the new setup will draw people from across the group, including creative, data, media, tech, client handling, and user experience.

Moreover, it is different in that it includes a live client brief for participants acting as both trainers and students and for having separate programs for senior leaders and emerging leaders.

The first edition of the senior leaders program will take place in Berlin in March and will run for four months.

The first edition of the emerging leaders program took place over five days in London this month.

Publicis Groupe has dubbed the programs the Immersive Leadership Learning LAB, which is short for “live action boost.”

The company has also revised its training offering for all employees, giving them access to thousands of online modules covering every aspect of the business. The courses were previously only available to 20,000 of the group’s 80,000 staff.

It has also launched video lessons, which it has called “sprints.” Each will cover a different subject, such as data, dynamic creativity, and ecommerce, and is taught by the group’s own experts.

Publicis has not reduced the face-to-face training provided to employees, according to the spokesperson.

“Our goal is to become a connector that helps our employees learn more, share more, and do more. Connecting employees globally to the power of knowledge and education is the best way to do that,” said Arthur Sadoun, chairman and chief executive of Publicis. “When our people grow and embrace new challenges wherever they emerge, it helps us and our clients grow.”

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