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Publicis Health Media


Revenue increased to an estimated $64.6 million, up from an estimated $62 million in 2015


“We’re going to realign internally to make sure our teams match where media is going. We want to stay ahead of trends”
— Jedd Davis


“We’ll see a big up-tick in marketing-automation platforms. As CTOs and CMOs at big pharma companies come together, we want to help lead them through that change”
— Jedd Davis

Early in April, when the email containing the results of Publicis Health Media’s annual employee-satisfaction survey popped up in managing director Jedd Davis’ inbox, he tensed.

“We get these results every year, but I’m always nervous,” he says, pointing to the engagement index, a measure of how much the firm’s 323 employees enjoy their work. Davis believes this, more than anything else, is what keeps business humming: To him, a company full of happy campers means “we keep on winning.”

Davis did not have to worry. He reports that worker engagement again landed in the 90s. “That means we’re still at the level of some of the best companies in all industries,” he explains.

Jedd Davis

managing director: Jedd Davis

Publicis Health Media’s 2016 was equally action-packed on the business front, with the addition of eight new clients, a jump in revenue to an estimated $64.6 million, a realignment of management roles, and more than 100 new employees. Through the first few months of 2017, the agency continues to thrive: Davis reports that growth continues to exceed expectations — it experienced double-digit revenue increase in 2017 to date, which he attributes to the sturdy pipeline created by the recent realignment of Publicis’ health firms.

“We’ve gone from being a media department to a fully functioning agency with AOR assignments. Those wins push growth,” he adds. It’s also led to a more varied client mix, including a hospital network, devices, and consumer health.

The growth prompted a host of leadership changes. Davis shifted into the managing director role in January of this year, while Matt McNally became chief media officer for all Publicis Health. Other promotions included Elyse Rettig to SVP, operations, and Greg Reilly to EVP and general manager. Reilly still retains leadership of the New York office and adds responsibilities for U.K. expansion.

Two significant account wins in the Midwest for the Philadelphia-based firm led to the opening of an office in Chicago, which in turn prompted the addition of 100 people. “We had felt like the talent pool in Philly was tapped out,” Davis admits.

But the real growth driver, he says, has been the way the company uses a deeper understanding of media to shape the creative process, employing search data to create the best content for each moment along the journey.

“It’s changed the way we work with partner agencies and the way we work with publishers. We’re producing things people want to see.”

The goal: Thoughtful content ecosystems that connect paid, earned, and owned ideation, often working alongside partners such as Snapchat and Doximity. Two examples: The firm’s media strategy and execution for the launch of Shire’s Xiidra, a prescription drop for dry eyes, as well as Eyelove, an unbranded Shire disease-awareness effort for the same condition.