Publicis Heathcare Communications Group (PHCG) announced Friday morning that segments of Rosetta’s healthcare business will merge into Razorfish Healthware. The newly integrated agency will be now known as Razorfish Health. Shannon Hartley, previously the healthcare lead for Rosetta, has been named managing director of Razorfish Health and will lead US operations.

Hartley told MM&M that the decision to form Razorfish Health was motivated by a desire to align Rosetta more closely under the PHCG banner. “The benefit of creating Razorfish is to be able to bring together strong capabilities from both agencies,” she says. “We’ll have the ability to understand behavioral data and outcomes as well as drive customer experiences and leverage technology under one heading.” Hartley will report to PHCG group president Janet Winkler.

Rosetta’s healthcare-focused engagement, creative and media arms will be rolled into Razorfish. Its commerce, enterprise and technology platforms— as well as its growth strategy consulting—will remain with Rosetta.

Hartley says that keeping commerce, enterprise and technology platform capabilities within Rosetta makes

sense for existing clients, like insurer Aetna and group purchasing organization Premier, which are already invested in these systems. The agency’s consulting group will stay, owing to its “industry agnostic” nature, she adds.

The changes will not affect headcount, nor,  client rosters or the teams serving them. “This was absolutely not a cost-savings strategy,” Hartley stresses, “This is all about growth and bringing new capabilities to our clients….We don’t have any client conflicts. Clients will just see new capabilities—teams aren’t going to be changing and we’re not divesting any client relationships.”

As Harley leaves Rosetta to run the US operations of Razorfish Health, the remaining segments of Rosetta’s healthcare business will be aligned under Rosetta East, which is managed by Drew Kurth.

In the PHCG ecosystem, Razorfish Health will act as the customer-engagement agency, Hartley explains, noting that this integration reflects where the market is heading. “It’s not just about brands pushing messages to their stakeholders anymore. It’s about having a dialogue. For us, it’s about leveraging these strong capabilities we’ve created to form a deep understanding of these conversations and in turn creating personal and engaging experiences.”