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Company Profile

TrialCard Market Access Solutions provide an unmatched ability to solve the market access challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry. Through an award-winning Customer Experience Center, RxSaver Pharmacy Network, a database containing 12 years of pharmacy level transactions, and the highest level of employee experience in the industry, TrialCard has customized solutions for specialty and retail brands to assist in: Adherence, Prescription Abandonment, White Space Coverage, case Management, Reimbursement and Clinical Support, Market Share Lift, Product Rescue, and Loss of Exclusivity challenges.

TrialCard Services and Offerings

• Product Access Support

• Case Management

• Reimbursement Support

• RN Support

• Financial Assistance

• Buy & Bill

• Adherence

• Specialty Pharmacy Triage

• Business Intelligence & Analytics

• Patient Affordability

• Co-pay

• Voucher

• Patient Feedback

• Pharmacy Services

• RxSaver

• Customer Experience Management

• Tele-promotion

• Tele-detail

• Customer Support

• Share of Voice

Core Capabilities

TrialCard offers a portfolio of diversified Market Access Solutions to support the patient journey for a pharmaceutical brand.  

TrialCard core capabilities cross into:

• Patient Affordability (patient access to care)

• Product Access Support (Hub Services)

• Pharmacy Services  (Patient Access to Care Delivered at the Pharmacy)

• Customer Experience Management (tele-detail and tele-promotion)

Through its 15 year history of Innovation, TrialCard has helped brands achieve:

• 20% Increase in NRx

• 18% Increase in Patient Adherence

• 20% Reduction in Prescription Abandonment

• $7M in Additional Revenue in 1 year through Analytics

What will be the game-changing trend over the next five years?

Coupled with the negative impact on our population’s health and the resultant increase in healthcare spending, lack of patient persistence is a major issue desperately in need of innovation. Driving adherence has long been a challenge because it requires a personalized approach; each individual’s reasons for failing to continue therapy are different. The juncture has arrived where adherence needs to be more than just broad messaging. Targeting specific patient behaviors with the right message is the game changer necessary to move adherence into a new era that delivers ROI and leads to positive patient outcomes.

HQ Address 6501 Weston Parkway Suite 100, Cary, NC 27513

Customer Experience Center Address 14001 Weston Parkway, Suite 100, Cary, NC 27513  

Fulfillment Center Address 140 Southcenter Court, Suite 500, Morrisville, NC 27560   

Phone 1-877-343-1238   Email [email protected]

Year Founded 2000   Employees 340    Website www.trialcard.com