Danish firm Agnitio is looking to upset Closed Loop Marketing, and revealed its what’s-next strategy at the Eye for Pharma conference in Barcelona on Tuesday.

The reveal was for Rainmaker, the firm’s new communications tool. Company executives say that the three-part sales and analytics tool allows marketers to use it either in the form of standalone enhancements to cloud systems like Veeva’s, or as a suite on its own. CEO and Founder Morten Hjelmsoe told MM&M before the March 18 launch that the project is in step with Agnitio’s overall goal of customizing content on the individual level. “The era of mass communication where you just push out the message you want to deliver is coming to an end,” he said.

“Right now what you do is make campaigns 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 during the year,” Hjelmsoe says, an approach he describes as “one-size-fits-all,” whereas Rainmaker “is about making it individual. About getting into that dialogue.”

Hjelmsoe and VP of the Americas Joseph “JR” Hermann say this is where Rainmaker—which consists of what Agnitio calls the Engager, Mobilizer and Revealer—comes in. The two explain that the modular aspect allowed Agnitio to avoid the inherent compromises that come with extending a platform, as opposed to creating add-on tools that can stand and grow on their own without having to account for additional requirements.

“Right now you can buy a CRM system [but] you have to buy a full platform: CMS, SMS… you are also buying something that’s a Jack-of-all-trades,” Hjelmsoe says, adding “if you choose one vendor I may be strong on CRM but bad on content. . that’s not how it should be.”

The Engager is essentially a sales rep tool and provides a library of approved digital materials that can be compiled for in-office presentations. Reps can also use these  materials to create personalized microsites that include professional-level materials as well as consumer information physicians can share with patients.

The Mobilizer acts as a control-room through which designated employees are given ability to see and edit entire marketing campaigns, including modifying HTML. It is also the master filter and users at this level can determine what materials are available to other employees using criteria including region and specialty. They can also publish to any platform. The Mobilizer can rein in bad information, and  users can pull materials that have been unapproved or retracted from a representative’s materials library.

The third component, the Revealer, is an analytics tool that lets customers know what’s being used and by whom. Hermann says the analysis goes deeper than simply tracking what’s been distributed to the field, a level of understanding he equates with “putting a GPS on a city bus. You’re tracking whether or not the bus is following the route… the only thing you’re tracking is the driver,” while getting no information about the passengers.

Hermann says the Engager can track which pages users look at and the materials they engage with, or “tracking the passenger,” as opposed to the rep/bus driver, a difference which he says yields much richer data that can be crunched and analyzed in 24 hours.

Hermann says the data, like the presentations, are personalized, and can feed high-corporate level insights to a client’s headquarters and doctor-level insight to its sales reps because HQ doesn’t “want to hear about Dr. Peterson. On the other hand, as a rep, you can’t use aggregated data.”