Cell therapy company Bone Therapeutics has joined a slew of other biotechs who’ve renamed recently, announcing its rebranding as BioSenic.

The move comes after Bone Therapeutics acquired French company Medsenic, with the name designed to reflect the combination of the two. This week, Bone Therapeutics announced the closing of that acquisition.

Medsenic brings its expertise in developing arsenic Trioxide (ATO) for inflammatory and autoimmune conditions – such as chronic Graft versus Host Disease (cGvHD), systemic lupus and systemic sclerosis.

The combined pipelines will produce an autoimmune disease platform and an allogeneic cell therapy platform, the company said.

“The widened expertise and IP of the new company will enable us to target both tissue inflammation and repair, as well as meet the needs of patients without currently effective treatments,” BioSenic CEO François Rieger said in a news release.

Bone Therapeutics experienced some pitfalls earlier this year, when it announced in March it would be “redefining its strategic priorities” amid cuts to its C-suite, jettisoning CEO Miguel Forte and chief scientific officer Tony Ting.

Currently, the company is pursuing a Phase III study involving ATO treatment in cGvHD that will begin in 2023. It’s also exploring a Phase IIb clinical trial for severe lupus following a Phase IIa trial that showed the therapy was safe.

“Combining Medsenic and Bone Therapeutics will provide significant opportunity for cross-pollination and allow therapies to reach patients more quickly,” Jean Stéphenne, member of the board of directors at BioSenic, said in a statement.

Along with the name change, the company launched a new website and announced a new board, including Stéphenne and Jean-Luc Vandebroek. 

François Rieger, who previously served as chairman and CEO of Medsenic, will now be chairman and CEO of BioSenic. Anne Leselbaum will serve as chief medical officer.