josh tumelty razorfish health

In the creative fueled — and highly regulated — world we live in, there’s a fleeting sense of inspiration every time we encounter an idea that raises the bar. But then there are ideas that forever transform our creative spirits. Healthcare advertising continues to be a category fraught with creative stigmas, exemptions, and, dare I say, excuses. There’s never been a more critical time to re-establish the power of pure creative craft and the value it can deliver for a brand. Here’s to those who turn a blind eye to the status quo.

Josh Tumelty is EVP, executive creative director at Razorfish Health.

casa de la amistad, ogilvy & mather mexico, the hair fest campaign

The Hair Fest
Casa de la Amistad, Ogilvy & Mather Mexico

Heavy metal, meet healthcare. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where these two worlds collide. But under the right circumstances this idea helps present brand as “experience.” What better way to help those suffering from pediatric cancer, and garner the largest volume of hair donations, in a single location? The first festival where your hair is your ticket — simply brilliant.

Pharmacia & Upjohn, Clemenger BBDO Sydney, thinner campaign

Pharmacia & Upjohn, Clemenger BBDO Sydney

After scouring the internet and circling the world of advertising, I finally found what I was in search of — the lost art of typography. Beautiful, elegant, and seamless, this piece brings hope to the creative world of healthcare and, perhaps, a “call to arms” to step away from the keyboard and release the shackles of computer generated fonts. We are reminded to revisit the practice of hand drawn lettering and explore a world where letters become art.

sickkids foundation, cossette toronto, sickkids vs. campaign

SickKids Vs.
SickKids Foundation, Cossette Toronto

If you haven’t seen the video for this yet, go watch it now. A true testament that despite the category we play in, brands can be completely reimagined. This idea jolts would-be donors out of their state of complacency and encourages them to join the fight. The line I love best is, “We decided to stop acting like a charity.” The lesson? Be bold, take risks, and don’t be fearful of the road less traveled.

bayer, area 23, battle in the bone campaign

Battle in the Bone
Bayer, Area 23

Who says communications to doctors can’t be visually stunning? The use of metaphor is a well-trotted technique in the creative arsenal, but in this case, highly effective. The work seems reminiscent of the artist Kris Kuksi and serves as a visual proof point of the sense of wonder that can be captured when we look for inspiration in unexpected places. Masterfully crafted with exquisite attention to detail.

dabur, mccann erickson mumbai, dabur gastrina print campaign

Dabur Gastrina print campaign
Dabur, McCann Erickson Mumbai

Graphic designer Saul Bass said “design is thinking made visual.” I long for a future where the rules of healthcare advertising are no longer defined by full bleed photography accompanied by core messages, but rather give way to the true craft of graphic design. Simple, iconic, and effective, the visuals here say it all. A singular message and two-color masterpiece.

samsung, 2sg bbdo tunisia, the backup memory campaign

The Backup Memory
Samsung, 3SG BBDO Tunisia

Sometimes innovation and disruption are just as much about fitting in as they are standing out. When we consider the intersection of science, technology, and humanity, true creative genius begins to emerge. In a world filled with an abundance of rarely-used physician and patient apps, Samsung decided to do something different. It’s technology made human in its purest form.