Andrew Cuomo put out the call — and many have already answered. 

The New York governor challenged people to submit a 30-second ad explaining why wearing face mask is essential amid this pandemic.

He credited his daughter, Mariah, for coming up with the free-to-enter contest. 

“Maybe there’s a better way to communicate it than I have been communicating it,” Cuomo said. “We’re talking about that one percent, so maybe I just haven’t been persuasive or effective enough in my communication skills.”

Here’s what different advertising agencies are bringing to the table.

Arnold Worldwide

Get Tough NY. Wear your mask. GET IT ON NY.


The scrappy, NYC-based shop produced this piece of magic in four days from concept to fin. 

The duo said: “The idea was pretty simple: Tell New Yorkers to put a mask on the only way New Yorkers would — by cursing. We thought it was funny that the mask would muffle the profanities, telling New Yorkers to keep it clean and wear a mask.

“We sent the idea to Allie Avital at Smuggler because we admire her work.Luckily for us, she jumped on it, pulling together a merry band of pirates.” 

The work was shot with a three-person person crew, using social distancing guidelines, shooting actors outside their homes. 

They continued: “There was no playback because there was no monitor, no client tent because there were no clients, so it was all about letting great talent be free to create. The editor received the footage every time we got the chance to pass by her house. The sound designer had to make use of iPhone recordings, which was held by the actors. The colorist tested early shots to get the look right.”

McCann Global Health 

Trusty-worthy, award-winning McCann created an inspirational and cinematic warrior cry for a safer New York, anchored in a call to place a giant mask on the Statue of Liberty. 

A spokesperson said: “The greatest city in the world is hurting. New York has borne the full brunt of this global pandemic and as the weeks drag on, exhaustion and helplessness kick in. But we cannot give up. We cannot let our guards down. We must stay strong, vigilant and continue to protect ourselves and our fellow New Yorkers. 

“So to help encourage people to wear face masks outside, we created a PSA film showing New Yorkers protecting their most beloved resident — Lady Liberty! She proudly displays her new face mask inspiring all New Yorkers to do the same. The film also aims to move New York leadership to place a real mask on the Statue Of Liberty, transcending the 30-second film and creating a cultural moment that can inspire people not just in New York, but around the world.”


PSA: Wearing a mask in public continues to play a crucial role in helping to keep yourself and others safe during this pandemic. Not only should you be wearing a mask but wearing it correctly, making sure to cover both your mouth and nose.

Circus Maximus

All New Yorkers live and die by Mahattan’s long list of unwritten rules, like never bothering a bodega cat, always walking fast and never eating a slice with cutlery. 

Now there’s a new one: Wear a mask when a global pandemic takes hold, stupid!

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