Allergan Aesthetics and Botox Cosmetic have revealed the 25 cast members chosen for its “See Yourself” campaign.  

Out of the nearly 20,000 submissions to its casting call, Allergan chose patients with stories detailing their motivations for receiving the non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Indeed, “See Yourself” focuses on why patients chose Botox and what it meant for their lives.

The campaign’s testimonial footage includes images from before the procedure and 30 days post-treatment. It also features self-filmed treatment diaries set to be published on the company’s YouTube channel and across social media.  

“It was moving to see how Botox Cosmetic continues to impact so many lives across the country,” said Carrie Strom, AbbVie SVP and president of Global Allergan Aesthetics, in a statement. “Our mission continues to be rooted in showing up authentically, sharing candid, sincere stories and content highlighting our real patients’ reasons for getting treated and how they feel about treatment. At a time when people want transparency and honesty, we are giving them just that: real patients with real results.”

The arrival of “See Yourself” coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Botox. Following the approval, the anti-wrinkle treatment achieved an unprecedented level of cultural relevance for an elective cosmetic procedure, with between 4 to 5 million people receiving Botox annually. 

Beyond its use to combat the effects of aging, Botox injections can also be used for treating medical conditions including lazy eye, hyperhidrosis and chronic migraine, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Botox continues to be a reliable moneymaker for AbbVie, generating $678 million in global net revenues in Q2 2022.