Heart disease affects about a third of American adults. While millions of those people are on medication to help, Amarin’s True to Your Heart campaign warns it may not be enough.

The campaign seeks to educate the public about the risks of cardiovascular disease and how patients can help reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke, through lifestyle changes and medication.

The campaign highlights the risks of cardiovascular disease and statistics like the surging number of Americans who suffer from heart problems or are at risk for these health issues. 

“We realized that there is a lot of misinformation and confusion amongst the general public, including patients with heart disease, about how to protect against having cardiovascular events, such as heart and stroke,” said Gwen Fisher, VP of corporate communications at Amarin. “Particularly we learned through market research that many patients who are on statins aren’t aware of their persistent cardiovascular risk. They think they are adequately protected but they are not, and yet they want to do all they can to protect their hearts.”

Fisher continued to say these patients often turn to unapproved supplements or other therapies, like cholesterol medicine fenofibrate or fish oil supplements. 

With this campaign, Amarin hopes to educate consumers about these additional therapies. It emphasizes that neither fenofibrates nor fish oil supplements are approved by the Food and Drug Administration to reduce cardiovascular risk.

True to Your Heart is meant to have a “public service” feel, Fisher said, and is focused on educating patients about their risks and available therapies.

Amarin also conducted a survey of doctors to inform this campaign. That survey found that 55% of doctors said they prescribed fenofibrates, and 47% recommended fish oil dietary supplements, on top of statins for their patients with cardiovascular risk, Fisher said.

“We believe much of this misuse occurs due to previously acceptable practices and because both physicians and patients don’t know the facts,” she explained.

This campaign comes shortly after Amarin received FDA approval for its heart disease treatment Vascepa in December. Vascepa, which is approved to be taken with statins, contains some of the same ingredients as fish oil supplements, specifically the omega-3 fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

The campaign wants to encourage patients and their doctors to talk about other ways to reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke. Many patients on statins believe they are fully protected, but there is more they can do.

“Through True To Your Heart, we aim to increase consumer awareness that they may be missing out on important cardiovascular risk protection. We hope to encourage everyone, from patients to doctors, to educate themselves so people can make the best health decisions to protect their hearts,” Fisher said.

Amarin worked with The Bloc on this campaign. The commercial began running nationally on Thursday. It will appear during daytime, news and primetime shows and during upcoming NFL games.