The Attacking Cancer from Every Angle is part of an effort to educate the public about all the services the organization provides to cancer patients.

The American Cancer Society unveiled a new brand campaign to help people understand it’s more than just research.

The campaign, Attacking Cancer from Every Angle, launched Monday as an effort to educate the public about all the services the organization provides to cancer patients.

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“The American Cancer Society has strong heritage and foundation in research, which is the most important thing,” said Irma Shrivastava, SVP of strategic marketing and alliances at American Cancer Society. “Unfortunately, consumers didn’t have a sightline to all the other things we do outside of research, such as patient services, advocacy, driving all lawmakers and influencers, and driving dollars into research. We’re the only ones who are positioned to attack cancer from all angles, hence the tagline.”

The campaign was driven by consumer research about nonprofits generally, cancer, and the American Cancer Society. The organization’s team learned that nonprofits are “forgettable,” Shrivastava said, especially when compared to for-profit brands that can be flashier with their advertising. But they also learned that their organization’s strong suit was in research.

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The campaign includes four videos that will used as TV spots, along with radio, print, and digital ads. The American Cancer Society worked with The Richards Group, a Dallas-based branding agency, on the campaign.

“As a nonprofit, we seek to connect with their heart and their head,” Shrivastava said. “The heart comes in through that personal emotional story, the one-on-one video. People can relate to that even though it’s an individual story. They can see patient, survivor, and caregiver viewpoints [in the videos], so people get the idea of all the angles that we share.”

The videos each showcase a different area of support provided by the American Cancer Society. One shows an employee who’s acting as a counselor to cancer patients while another shows a patient who says, “I used to have no idea what the American Cancer Society did,” before listing all the services the organization provides.

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Each video urges viewers to donate to the organization or join the cause. Shrivastava said the campaign is targeted at people who want to make a difference.

“We are focused on people who think small things can lead to big change,” she said. “A big impact draws people in to be part of something bigger. Our cause been around for more than 100 years and we’re the one leading a charge.”

This story first appeared in PRWeek.