BJC HealthCare, a nonprofit healthcare system based in St. Louis, rolled out two commercials locally during the Super Bowl, advertising that the organization provides “extraordinary care.”

It also debuted two other ads that are part of the campaign in the week after the big game. Both feature nervous patients and family members, who receive the help they need from BJC. 

“This is something that we truly believe as an organization, that every individual that walks through our doors that engages with us in any way deserves the best care,” said Riham El-Lakany, BJC SVP and chief marketing and communications officer.

VShift, a digital strategy, design and technology agency based in New York, helped to develop the concept and produce the campaign. Media agency Blueprint314, which is in St. Louis, coordinated media buys.  

One ad introduces the “You Deserve” tagline and asks, “When it comes to your health, what do you deserve?”

The spot, first aired during the second half of Super Bowl LVII, explains that patients deserve the best hospitals, the latest treatments and expert advice.

“You deserve extraordinary care,” a banner states. 

The advertisement includes a link to the campaign website.

Before the anthem ad, another spot, The Call, aired during the second quarter. It features a husband and wife at home when the phone rings with a call from the husband’s doctor. He delivers good news, and the couple is relieved. 

Another ad, Virtual Care, which appeared in the days after the Super Bowl, shows a father standing before a closed door. He asks his daughter, who is inside the room, “Any of your friends at school feeling like this?”

She says she doesn’t know. The father reassures her and says, “Let’s just make a virtual visit. OK?”

“Sure,” she says.

“You deserve care for whatever life throws at you,” the ad states.

The last ad, Late Night, which also appeared during the week after the game, shows a woman who is nervous the night before a procedure. 

She then appears less nervous after reviewing a BJC folder with information to prepare for the visit. 

“We show those vignettes of life,” said El-Lakany. “What I love about that is this concept that it’s not about us; it’s about how we fit in your life, how we help you. So the consumers, the people see themselves in these spots.”

This article originally appeared on PRWeek US.