Merz Aesthetics is once again going back to the music industry to promote Xeomin, enlisting pop icon Christina Aguilera as its latest brand partner Thursday.

The “Dirrty” singer is teaming with Merz for the multichannel Beauty on Your Terms campaign that launched last year to support the anti-wrinkle injectable treatment. Xeomin is approved by the Food and Drug Administration to temporarily improve the appearance of frown lines.  

The press release specifically references Aguilera’s Grammy Award-winning single “Beautiful,” noting that its lyrics center on embracing inner beauty and that the collaboration coincides with the 20th anniversary of the song’s release. 

Patrick Urban, president of Merz North America, said Aguilera “personifies our Beauty on Your Terms mission,” adding that the effort seeks to empower Gen Z and millennial men and women while maintaining self-confidence. 

“I’ve always been candid about self-confidence and encourage everyone to embrace their own version of themselves,” Aguilera said in a statement. “Part of my journey to embracing and taking care of my best self is being intentional about the products I use and the ingredients in them. That’s why I want to use a smart tox for frown lines that has only the ingredients essential for treatment. As a performer, I need to be able to express myself, and Xeomin gives me a natural look that I love.”

Aguilera joins a list of other music industry luminaries to serve as brand ambassadors for Xeomin and discuss how it contributes to a healthy skin regimen.

In November, Merz announced that R&B star Teyana Taylor joined the campaign, marking her first aesthetics collaboration. The company added that Taylor’s involvement in the campaign contributes to the company’s work to eliminate stigmas around injectable treatments for women of color and offer an “option for all skin types.”

Additionally, Merz brought on pop superstar Joe Jonas over the summer to serve as the first male celebrity spokesperson for the brand.

Merz also stated that while the campaign has benefited from its celebrity spokespeople, Beauty on Your Terms also involves “exclusive branded content, one-of-a-kind experiential and marquee event sponsorships.”