The end of daylight saving time is a tough time for many people. 

That’s why meditation app Calm launched a campaign called the Snooze Report, based on a sleep study the company conducted. It aims to alert people to the challenges of and possible solutions to sleep problems. 

“At Calm, we are committed to supporting people on every step of their mental health journey, including helping people get a good night’s rest, as sleep and mental health are inextricably linked,” said Katie Shill, Calm director of brand marketing, via email. 

Conducted in the U.S. and U.K., the company conducted the survey, Shill said, because of an increase in Google searches for “I am tired” in recent years, according to Google Trends. The company ran an online survey of 9,500 adults ages 18 to 65 in 20 cities, according to Shill. 

In addition, Calm created a hotline that gives callers samples of the app’s soundscapes and sleep stories, including one narrated by musician Harry Styles.

To promote the hotline, the company worked with Day One Agency and produced a humorous video that plays on the classic infomercials.

“Can’t get back to sleep because you’re worried we might be living in a simulation?” a narrator asks in an Instagram reel. “Staring at the ceiling, realizing you’re just a speck of dust floating through the vastness of space? There’s hope! Call 1-844-4-CALM-SLEEP to relax your brain and get a one-way ticket to sleepy town.”

“Nodding to everyone’s favorite infomercials from the ‘90s, we created a playful, retro video designed for people who need better sleep,” Shill stated.

The brand also promoted data from the report and hotline with out-of-home advertising in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia and Phoenix, Arizona. 

A billboard in New York states, “One in four New Yorkers sleep naked. Let’s get it to four out of four.”

This article originally appeared on PRWeek US.