When Galderma learned that the theme of this year’s NYC Pride Fest was going to be “Unapologetically Us,” the company saw a serendipitous fit with its own XpresYourself campaign promoting the Restylane portfolio. 

While Galderma has supported Pride in the past, this was the first time that they used the event to launch a campaign. 

“We want people to feel free to embrace aesthetics unapologetically without any social fear or feeling guilty for wanting to look their best. That’s why we thought this was the platform to kick off this campaign,” explained Carrie Caulkins, VP of U.S. aesthetics marketing at Galderma. 

Drag queen Izzy Uncut presided over Galderma’s booth at Pride Fest on Sunday while two expert injectors were on hand to provide facial assessments. Various gift rewards and prizes also encouraged Pride participants to stop by and learn about the company’s Restylane portfolio of injectable hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

Reaching out to the LGBTQIA+ market is one of a number of initiatives the company has prioritized as it targets audiences beyond what many people think of as the core market for fillers and other aesthetic treatments, namely aging Caucasian women. 

“We know that pretty much anyone and everyone may want to get some type of treatment,” Caulkins said. “We are looking for emerging demographics, whether it is around age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or geographic location.”

Galderma’s ongoing consumer research has revealed concerns on the part of many potential customers when it comes to fillers, specifically related to a fear of unnatural results.

“You see these crazy images online, of the extremes,” Caulkins explains. “You don’t have to get that look — though some people may want it — you can also get a natural looking result. People won’t know that you have had fillers. They will more likely say that you look well rested or like you are just back from vacation.” 

Central to Galderama’s campaign is what it calls “patient-centric social content.” In this case the “patient-centric” part of that phrase is short for individualized content that focuses on the typical needs and desires of precise demographics. It’s made possible by using the company’s extensive and ongoing consumer research about attitudes towards aesthetic treatments. 

“We look at what are the typical aspects of aesthetics that you will be looking for based on your age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation,” Caulkins says. “It’s matching the right content to each individual.”

Communicating the versatility of the line and the freedom it offers for consumers to achieve a variety of final results falls on the shoulders of several influencers. These individuals include make-up artist Jamie Greenberg, health and wellness influencers Luke and Kelsey Pearson, and the aforementioned Izzy Uncut. Their videos will be unveiled on both the company’s and their individual social channels over the coming months. 

Caulkins also framed the XpresYourself campaign within a larger history of outreach on the part of Galderma. 

“Embracing individual skin stories has been a cornerstone of what we have been doing for several years,” she said. “The XpresYourself campaign is a culmination of that. We are excited to kick this off with the Pride community and then continue it with other diverse groups going forward.”