Harry’s, a shaving accessory brand, has fully embraced the conversation of men’s mental health via partnerships with organizations such as A Call to Men.

The main message that the two organizations hope to spread is that masculinity can mean many things beyond the stereotypical male identifiers, like sports, violence or stoicism. 

“Harry’s was founded with a social cause clearly linked to the brand,” said Andy Katz-Mayfield, CEO and cofounder of Harry’s.  “Men’s mental health-related to positive masculinity has definitely been an overlooked cause. And it’s not easy for a brand to be out there talking about those things since it is a dark topic and men themselves are not the most sympathetic population.”

Harry’s has committed 1% of revenue committed to social nonprofit causes, highlighting the fact that the brand’s message is authentic and straight from the heart of its owners.  

“When we started Harry’s, we wanted a brand that had a social impact beyond just the bottom line. We knew it was important, and knew that for our employees and customers it would be important, too,” Katz-Mayfield said. 

Ted Bunch, chief development officer at A Call To Men, explained why opening up the discussion about men’s mental health and the definition of masculinity is so important. 

“Masculinity is specific to each person. It might mean throwing a football around with my son or picking flowers with him,” he said. “The patriarchy is really harmful to everyone; rigid traditional definitions of manhood don’t help men or women. That stoicism is literally killing our men who are dying due to suicide and they feeling that they have no one to talk to.”

This effort comes a few months after Harry’s launched an ad that let men know that the brand is there for them –and their differences – whether they shave or not.

The spot, “Shave, or Don’t,” was created in partnership with Fitzco and features men of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and more, including a trans man. 

This story first appeared on campaignlive.com.