Horizon Therapeutics is rolling out an immersive campaign to raise awareness about the link between gout and chronic kidney disease, all while urging people to seek care for the conditions sooner versus later.

The Weed it G’out campaign coincides with National Kidney Month and features immersive pop-up gardens at three different National Kidney Foundation Kidney Walk locations in the U.S. which raise funds for kidney disease research and advocacy.

The pop-up garden is meant to be a metaphor of sorts for gout and kidney disease. The campaign compares gout to an overgrowth of weeds in a garden, while kidney disease that causes the organs to fail at doing their job filtering out waste from the body is similar to how plants filter pollutants from the air.

“Plants, kidneys and gout have a lot more in common than you think,” a video for the campaign notes. “Growing beneath the surface, gout is like weeds in your body and needs to be urgently addressed before it becomes out-of-control. Plants are powerful filters, removing carbon dioxide and harmful pollutants from the environment.”

Kidneys, it argues, work similarly – working as filters for fluid and waste. With kidney disease, however, kidneys struggle to remove things like uric acid, which can build up to high levels and lead to gout.

Gout typically results in inflammation and arthritis in the joints and can cause permanent damage if it progresses to a worsened state. The Weed it G’out videos urge viewers to seek out help from a gout specialist, a rheumatologist or a nephrologist before letting the condition get to that level.

Horizon noted that the public education campaign aims to raise awareness about the connection between the two diseases and “elevate the urgency for patients to take action and speak to a gout specialist.”

The campaign’s website includes educational videos that spell out the consequences of developing gout, and features video stories from patients who suffered from the condition themselves.

“I feel there are probably a lot more people out there that have the condition and they don’t know,” a patient named Sharon notes. “I don’t want anybody else to live with it if they don’t have to. Everyone should take charge of their own lives.”

Additionally, Weed it G’out provides educational information on gout symptoms, treatments and how to speak to healthcare providers about it.

The campaign’s launch also comes months after the Irish biotech was acquired by Amgen for $28.5 billion.