We put out a call for submissions to our #InspireTheEnd campaign immediately after the August mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton. The charge: show us your best creative work that will help end gun violence. We received 20 entries from 14 individuals and agencies, many of which shared a sadly common theme.

There have been so many mass shootings in the United States in recent years that, taken together, the names of the cities, towns and schools in which the shootings took place can form a grim roster not unlike the names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC. Or serve as fodder to create images of the types of weapons used in the shootings. Or that images of weapons can be arranged to form the shapes of vectors that commonly carry other forms of plague.

Much of the art work is stunning, the copy compelling, the ideas for display ingenious. But all of the submitted work shows the frustration our community shares in common with much of the rest of America. 

Believing that the best work speaks for itself, we display the work below. Thanks to all who took the time to put their creative chops to work for the greater good. Look for more of this work to appear in the October 2019 issue of MM&M. 

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Peter Comber

peter comber inspire the end gun violence

Havas Life Metro: Thoughts. Prayers. Action

jay sylvester inspire the end gun violence thoughts prayers action

Nam Do: One Shot

nam do inspire the end gun violence submission titled one shot
nam do inspire the end gun violence one shot
nam do inspire the end gun violence one shot

A hundred people are dying each day as the gun control debate budges back and forth. Opposing factions constantly condemn each other’s ideology, further dividing the already polarized American public. It is now more important than ever to remind ourselves of what we have in common, gun rights and gun control advocates alike: we all wish for the safety of ourselves and our beloved. 

What’s scary about firearm violence is that a single gunshot can be lethal – one shot can change the lives of many, forever. While owning a gun is a constitutional right, or even a symbol of freedom in America, it also comes with great responsibilities. We must therefore hold ourselves and each other accountable for our actions as well as the lack thereof. The first step is to accept our differences and focus on a common goal – only then can we unite and together solve gun violence. 

Darcy Grabenstein

Darcy Grabenstein inspire the end gun violence tombstone
A blank tombstone, waiting for your message

We must be a voice for those who no longer have theirs. Put pressure on your legislators to toughen laws regulating semi-automatic weapons. At election time, vote to make a difference.



Biolumina believes that no matter your political stance, the facts don’t change, and the fact is gun violence is a public health crisis. 

Every single day in America 100 lives end at the barrel of a gun. It’s time to tackle this uniquely American epidemic as the medical crisis it truly is. It’s time to promote public safety by providing public funding and seeking solutions rooted in sound scientific research.

Demand action, demand funding, and demand a cure for The American Plague. 

Contact your state and local representatives and demand this health crisis receives the attention and funding it deserves. The health of our nation depends on it.

Butler/Till Health Group



elevate inspire the end
elevate inspire the end
elevate inspire the end 3


#InspireTheEnd _Fingerpaint

Republican vs Democrat. While it seems like we’re divided, we can actually agree on many major issues. Especially the fact that America has a problem with gun violence. 

But traditional political parties focus on what’s wrong with each other instead of what’s right. Which means it’s up to We the People to spark change.

The Purple Party is a multichannel movement to #InspireTheEnd of #GunViolence.

We want people to feel inspired to stand united against gun violence, by taking a Pledge and sharing The Purple Party on social media.

At Bythepeople.com they will also be able to:

  • Find fact and tip sheets about gun violence in America
  • Download a social media kit/purple social media filters
  • Sign-up for emails about the movement
  • Read/watch stories from people impacted by gun violence
  • And, in the future, additions to the website can include a monitored community forum for people to come together and talk about stopping gun violence

By neutralizing the political influence on this important issue, we can bring the people together and make an impact on our future. Because ALL Americans just want to feel safe.

Havas Health Plus: Control the Convo


SEX: For generations we’ve tried to find the most effective dialogue for a taboo subject–and schools have encouraged sexual wellness and STD prevention through sexual education classes.

But now–parents have to figure out how to speak to their children about mass shootings. Nearly 6 million children witness gun violence every year, which comes with deep psychological and emotional consequences. Isn’t it the time to find preventative measures for the next mass shooting?

It’s time to control the convo–a campaign specifically designed to encourage healthy conversations about mass violence and prevent the next wave of mass shootings.

Ogilvy Health Montreal

Olivia Ho ogilvy inspire the end
Lei Cao, Art Director, Ogilvy Health Montreal inspire the end
Thembi Lassiter ogilvy inspire the end


Hello, Action - Anthony Carillo and Leah Nesje precisioneffect
Hello, Action
louder than bullets precisioneffect
Louder Than Bullets


Apply Pressure

Death of Us






Congress has 109 gun bills on the table waiting to take action. Get in touch with a local representative at 202-224-3121 to #InspireTheEnd. #GunViolence