Mucinex is doing its part in the fight against COVID-19 in an unexpected way. 

While the cold and flu brand may seem like a front line player against the coronavirus (and has been recommended to treat mild symptoms) the brand itself is targeting a different type of outbreak.

That is, an outbreak of fake news associated with the spread of COVID-19, with rumors swirling about everything from national lockdowns to home remedies for the virus itself. 

To that end, Mucinex’s “Spread Facts, Not Fear” campaign, done in cooperation with McCann NY and McCann Health NY was created in order to cut through the noise, encourage safe habits, and help elevate the voice of experts.

The campaign consists of a series of iconic images crafted by award-winning illustrator Norma Bar.

The campaign will run across social media, print and OOH activations, with every execution leading back to – a helpful source of up-to-date information compiled from the WHO, Johns Hopkins and other international experts.

This article first appeared on MM&M’s sister site