Amid the unprecedented demand and subsequent supply challenges around weight-loss drugs Wegovy and Ozempic, Novo Nordisk is embarking upon a broad-scale corporate ad campaign launch to let consumers know what else it has to offer.

The Danish drugmaker is celebrating its 100th birthday with a recently launched campaign called The Greats, which aims to inform consumers about its offerings beyond its well-known obesity drugs.

The campaign is supported by a website detailing its history in the pharmaceutical industry as well as a 30-second ad that features The Greats, patients who are “living and thriving” thanks to Novo’s treatments instead of being held back by disease. The commercial is slated to air on TV and across social media platforms.

A voiceover for the ad states that the patients motivate the company to develop drugs to treat a host of medical conditions, including obesity, cardiovascular disease, hemophilia, diabetes and rare diseases.

“Because your disease doesn’t define you. So, what will?” the voiceover asks.

The campaign’s debut comes as the pharma giant strides to redefine its image and chart a new course. 

Less than a week ago, Novo paused its ad campaigns for Wegovy amid widespread demand, in part fueled by rampant off-label use of the diabetes drug for weight loss.

The first half of 2023 has been marked by Novo trying to find the level when it comes to the availability of its obesity drugs.

In January, the company said all dose strengths of Wegovy were available at retail pharmacies nationwide after product demand and manufacturing issues led to a shortage at the end of 2022. At the time, Novo pledged to take a staged approach going forward.

However, earlier this month, a Novo executive said the pharma giant is temporarily restricting its supply of lower Wegovy dose strengths to “safeguard continuity of care.” The issue of significant consumer interest in the drugs has been compounded by manufacturing problems that have affected supplies.

Novo isn’t the only healthcare company taking to the airwaves to reintroduce itself to consumers.

The company’s campaign followed Moderna’s launch of a global campaign to promote its mRNA capabilities one month prior.

Moderna chief brand officer Kate Cronin said the biotech wants to bring attention to its ongoing clinical efforts outside its COVID vaccine franchise and underscore the potential of its science in treating a wide range of diseases.