The All About Your Boom campaign launched at the end of September, with a two-minute video and microsite featuring singer Patti LaBelle.

Selling medicine to sick people is easier than selling to healthy people. Anyone who markets vaccines can attest to that.

Part of overcoming that hurdle is increasing awareness for the possible illness. Pfizer’s marketing team for Prevnar 13, a vaccine that protects seniors against pneumococcal pneumonia, is doing that with its All About Your Boom campaign.

The awareness campaign launched at the end of September, piggybacking off flu season when people are already thinking about their health and getting vaccinated, with a two-minute video and microsite featuring singer Patti LaBelle.

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“She epitomizes a lot of the baby boomers we’re trying to reach,” said Gary Iott, director of comms at Pfizer.

“They are not slowing down. They are healthy and taking on new challenges, so they don’t see themselves at risk for pneumococcal pneumonia.”


More than half of adults older than 50 have gotten a pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine, Iott said, so reaching that other half is the bigger challenge.

The millions of boomers who have already been vaccinated are those who are predisposed to have regular check-ups and know about the risks.

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“We’ve reached a lot of the people who are more inclined to want to be vaccinated and proactive about preventative measures,” Iott said.

“Now we’re trying to reach those who may not be as inclined to speak with their doctor by trying to facilitate a
doctor-patient conversation. Usually it’s the doctor who initiates this discussion, but someone who has seen this video or visited the website may be more receptive and inclined to hear their doctor out on their risks for pneumococcal pneumonia,” he explained.

The video itself, a singing audition in front of LaBelle where hopefuls are surprised with loud coughing during their turn, is meant to show boomers that even when you’re feeling your best, an illness such as pneumococcal pneumonia can suddenly come along, Iott said.

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LaBelle is also doing media tours on both a local and national level during the campaign to raise awareness for the disease, along with partnerships with influencers and social media.

“Many boomers who are healthy, dieting, exercising, and doing all the right things don’t see the risk of pneumococcal pneumonia,” Iott noted.

“It can strike at any time. It’s like nothing can knock you off your game when you’re feeling good, but that’s what the illness does.”

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“We hope the video gets people to consider our message that prevention is always better than treatment,” Iott added.

Brand: Prevnar 13

Owner: Pfizer

Campaign: All About Your Boom

Agencies/Partners: Rx Mosaic

Duration: September 2017-December 2017

This story first appeared in PRWeek.