Teva Pharmaceuticals has rolled out the latest part of its rebranding push: Life Effects, a patient-centric website for chronic diseases.

The portal features patient stories and tips for dealing with four chronic diseases: ADHD, depression, asthma, and migraines. Teva’s goal is to go beyond the medicine and side effects and instead explore the “life effects” of a chronic illness, explained Iris Beck-Codner, EVP for global brand and corporate communications at Teva.

Teva rebranded in February, debuting a new logo, brand positioning, and website as the company went through a global restructuring. Life Effects is an extension of that rebranding and the pharma company’s new mission.

“Life Effects is another realization of the type of brand we are,” Beck-Codner said. “It is showing how we as a company understand the many ways disease impacts a person’s life, which was the whole idea behind the new brand.”

Nine patients are contributing articles, videos, and podcasts to the website. Teva partnered with Healthline Media and podcast network Panoply, which is part of The Slate Group, to bring a journalistic approach to the patient stories.

Teva developed the website after research from more than 13,000 patients found that they went to their doctors for diagnosis and treatment options, but didn’t have a central resource for getting through day-to-day life. The team also wanted to tap into patients’ experiences to tell authentic and relevant stories on Life Effects and brought in a group of patients to help provide insights.

“With their help, we take a fresh look at the latest research to develop insights that are relevant to them,” said Beck-Codner. “It might be a new app to organize appointments or a life hack to help them live better days; we pick the best of the bunch and show the reality of living with chronic conditions.”

Teva’s marketing and communications team is getting the website in front of patients through “highly targeted Facebook page promotion” via Teva’s own accounts and through earned media, Beck-Codner said.

Teva rolled out the website for U.S. patients on Tuesday, with plans to launch it in Europe this year. The team is also planning to add more chronic conditions to Life Effects in 2018.

“Life Effects is an ongoing connection with patients, as opposed to one campaign,” Beck-Codner said. “Our intention is to publish approximately 20 pieces of content per month; this is building an engagement platform as opposed as one-off campaign.”