Opioid addiction specialist Indivior wants to show patients on top of their addiction. 

In its TV spot for addiction treatment Sublocade, the company shows exactly that: A man going about his recovery, quite literally, on top of “opioid addiction.” The 90-second ad depicts several aspects of addiction recovery, including counseling.

Indivior believes the Keep Moving Towards Recovery campaign will raise awareness about opioid use disorder. To that end, the company is attempting to dispel myths about opioid addiction and the medication used to treat it.

In the spot, the protagonist’s addiction is shown as just one aspect of his life, similar to a chronic condition. He goes to work, walks his dog and attends a barbecue, but also sits in on a group counseling session. 

The spot also includes information about how medication-assisted treatment (or MAT) compares to counseling alone. The spot explains that Sublocade reduces cravings and blocks the rewarding effects of using opioids.

Indivior is the only company that makes a drug specifically for opioid use disorder. But earlier this month, the Food and Drug Administration revoked Sublocade’s orphan drug status, which will allow other pharma companies to bring similar drugs to the market.