A short film created by healthcare agency The Bloc and Brazilian filmmaking collective The Youth for Tribute, a digital platform for sharing gratitude, explored what might happen when healthcare innovation loses its humanity.

The result is a short film, Instant Doctor, directed by Diogo Gameiro. The film is set in the near future and follows a man’s experience in an “instant doctor” booth, where he receives a terminal diagnosis from a machine.

Director Gameiro said in the director’s commentary, “The entire idea evolved of the thought that no technology will ever replace human empathy. So we brainstormed about what would be the most impersonal way of knowing that you have a terminal illness and that’s how we came up with the booth at a train station.”

Instant Doctor was created for Doctor’s Day 2020 and has since won awards at the New York International Film Awards, Florence Film Awards and the New York Movie Awards.

The film ends with a message for healthcare workers: “Thank you real doctors for keeping healthcare human.”