Consumer and healthcare provider media expert CMI has rebranded as CMI Media Group, the organization announced today. It will no longer be referred to in tandem with longtime partner agency Compas, but rather as two distinct entities: CMI Media Group and Compas.

CMI says the rebrand is meant to mark a shift from the company of years past and to highlight its vision for healthcare going forward. Adding “Group” to the moniker, CMI Media Group CEO and Compas CEO Stan Woodland said, is meant to spotlight CMI’s ability to bring in resources from Compas or its WPP Group siblings.

“CMI Media Group is much more than the CMI from years ago,” Woodland explained. “We’ve added consumer audiences, technology platforms, one-to-one marketing capabilities and next-best-action capabilities, just like a startup. CMI Media Group is more representative of the group of capabilities and the access we have to resources.”

Woodland added that the organization sought a name and image that is more representative of its current vision. “Our ability to go to a client and make promises today, and knowing we can deliver on those promises with results-based engagements, is much deeper and broader than it’s ever been,” he said.

At a time when COVID-19 has spiked transformation in digital health, CMI is shifting its focus toward anticipating changing dynamics. That could include everything from seizing new opportunities in e-commerce, connected homes and devices to tackling challenges around the evolving manner in which HCPs and consumers interact with information.

CMI Media Group president Susan Dorfman says the company views itself as one of the primary actors in helping people get well and make more informed decisions. “There are lots of big ideas and big goals, especially in the next five years, to do well by enabling people to be well,” she explained. “We’re in a world where we call it ‘healthcare,’ but we’re really focused on ‘sick care.’”

The company has historically worked in the realm of pharmaceuticals, but more and more is expanding its focus to include localized communication that encompasses public health, hospital systems and prevention. Dorfman sees CMI Media Group shifting its focus from treatment to prevention, as well as leading conversations around testing, healthy foods and technology.

New positioning for Compas will be unveiled later in the year.