1. The threat of the government putting into place controls on drug prices has in the past led drugmakers to moderate those prices. A study found that this occurred in the 1990s when the Clinton administration attempted to reform healthcare. (NYT)

2. Samsung Group said it won approval to market a biosimilar version of rheumatoid arthritis-drug Enbrel in Europe. The company’s drug-development arm is also currently preparing for a public listing on the Nasdaq Stock Market. (WSJ)

3. Johnson & Johnson said it will cut 3,000 jobs in its medical-devices division over the two next years. The company said the restructuring would affect orthopedics, surgery and cardiovascular businesses, and would not impat the consumer medical devices, vision care and the diabetes businesses. (Reuters)

4. A House committee plans to hold a hearing Jan. 26 about Turing Pharmaceuticals’ decision to increase the price of its antiparasitic drug, Daraprim, by 5,000%. (Reuters)

5. Five men who participated in a clinical trial for an experimental drug have been hospitalized. A sixth man died. The drug is being tested as a treatment for pain and anxiety, as well as other conditions. Bial, a Portuguese drugmaker, is developing the drug. (AP)