1. The FDA said it now requires black-box warnings for at least nine new hepatitis-C drugs, including Gilead Sciences’ Harvoni and Sovaldi and AbbVie’s Viekira Pak. The change was prompted by concern that certain patients taking these drugs may be at risk of reactivating hepatitis B. (WSJ)

2. AstraZeneca said its heart pill Brilinta didn’t perform better than an older blood-thinner. As a result, the company’s goal of Brilinta reaching $3.5 billion in sales by 2023 is likely unattainable. (Bloomberg)

3. The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review said that the prices of PD-1 immunotherapies are too high within the context of their use in treating non-small cell lung cancer, based on progression-free and overall survival. The treatments are estimated to cost $150,000 per year. (RAPS)

4. As part of an effort to cut costs, Novartis said it will close research centers in Switzerland and China. It is also relocating its Singapore tropical disease research center to California. (Reuters)

5. Rumors continue to swirl about Apple’s investment in healthcare. The company’s next steps may include the development of sensors, advanced clinical-decision-support technology, or electronic health records. (Politico)