Marketers often find themselves asking, “What’s the big insight about people that will drive demand for my brand?” Behavioral psychology flips this question to, “What’s the big insight to get people to see themselves in a new light?”

The truth is, biopharma marketing and behavioral psychology have a lot in common. Ultimately, both aim to nudge people to make a medical or lifestyle change that could positively impact their health. And the two are now working together on that last mile of healthcare: influencing human behavior.

Their approach marks a shift away from the view that patients are somehow doing something wrong to figuring out how to do it right. If patients are not going along with a treatment regimen, it doesn’t always mean they’re apathetic. More than likely, it’s because something in the system is not truly designed around patient needs.

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The patient journey offers a good lens to explore how interventions are becoming human-centered. In this supplement, we look at several such trends with the promise of disrupting the behavior-change paradigm, from more evolved versions of the pharma patient-support program to virtual humans to a new wave of apps that reinforce the care plan to on-demand healthcare.

Marc Iskowitz, editor-in- chief, MM&M