Kim Kardashian is being called out again for an Instagram post for a morning sickness pill.

Kardashian posted and quickly deleted a photo with Bonjesta, a recently approved morning sickness treatment from Duchesnay, on Monday. It’s unclear why she deleted the post only an hour after posting it, but it bears some similarity to her post for Diclegis in 2015 that earned Duchesnay a warning letter from the FDA, according to the Daily Mail.

In the post for Bonjesta, Kardashian wrote: “#Ad You know how sick I was while pregnant; I could barely get out of bed. That was before I found a safe & effective med to treat my morning sickness when diet & lifestyle changes didn’t help. I hear there’s a new formulation of the drug combination I took that’s made to work faster & longer. If you’re pregnant & feeling sick & changing your diet & lifestyle doesn’t work, ask your doctor about Bonjesta® (doxylamine succinate/pyridoxine HCl). Most common side effect is drowsiness. for info.”

Like the 2015 Diclegis ad that was taken down, the Bonjesta post reportedly didn’t include the full risk statement or side effects, only mentioning “drowsiness” and pointing followers to the drug’s website for more information. The 2015 ad was pulled for being “false and misleading” and failing to include any information about its potential risks.

A representative for Duchesnay declined to comment on Kardashian’s latest ad.

To fix the Diclegis ad, the reality TV star later posted an amended “#CorrectiveAd” that featured the full safety information for Diclegis and met the FDA’s requirements, even acknowledging in the post that simply including a link did not meet the FDA requirements.

Bonjesta was launched in the U.S. in April to treat morning sickness and is supposed to work faster and longer than its predecessor Diclegis. Researchers found that Diclegis may not work as advertised in a report released in January, and some urged the FDA to reconsider its approval of the drug.